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Mana Deschisa (Open Hands) is one of the few organizations that offer long term residential housing, therapy, education, discipleship and vocational training to homeless and hopeless young adults from the streets of Romania. These Young adults with ages over 18, which suffer from the long-term effects of maltreatment and abandonment experienced early in life, face one or more of the following problems: attachment difficulties, trauma of abuse, addiction, etc.

Candle Shop and Team with Residents of the Center

It was a very rewarding and challenging project. This ministry is trying to be self sustaining as much as possible. We came to help them in a very practical way. We were working on an apartment in a three story house that will be used to house young women in the program. The apartment is for a family that will be dorm parents for the house.

Worship at the Local Church and Help with an Outreach in Town

We had a great team of 6 young people from Ontario Canada. They worked very hard, and were challenged and stretched. They went home changed people.

Meals Together and Breaks to Re-Energize for more Hard Work alongside Residents

We First had to lay a mortar screed, about 3-4in of mortar, in the Bedroom, Main room, and bathroom so that we could then lay a laminate wood floor, and also tile for a kitchenette. We then installed the kitchen cabinets.

Initial Floor Work

Laminate Application and Kitchen Work

The team also worked in the garden very hard staking hundreds of tomato plants that the center could use as a source of income and food.

Linda and the Girls Staking Tomato Plants and Mixing Concrete for Floors

Matt (r), Phil (l) and the Team

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